Arena: Roma II - Stefan Feld Multilingue


The revolt in Rome will not end for a long time to come! Join the action and find out who is the most powerful ruler by skillfully playing your cards. No matter if you strengthen your own position with strong cards like Arena or Ballista or if you augment your victory points with Templarius and Triremis - you will be the winner if you use your characters and buildings with wit and savvy. You may also combine Roma II - Arena with Roma and discover even more options.

   Arena is a complete game of its own, but it may very well be combined with the cards from Roma. These are the play options:
- Mix all the cards of both games and play with the combined set.
- Both players take one set of cards. Players will have their own draw and discard piles.
- Both players can use the cards of both games, compiling their own decks of 55 cards each. Again, both players will have their own draw and discard piles.

Idiomas: Alemão, Inglês, Francês, Holandês, Italiano e Espanhol.
Nº Jogadores: 2 Jogadores
Tempo Médio de Jogo: 30 - 45min
Idade Recomendada: +8 anos


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